Avenue HQ Venue Rental FAQ's

How many does your place hold?

Our main hall is 3000 square feet and seating depends on what you are doing with the facility. If you are doing an event with tables we seat around 230 comfortably. If you are doing stadium seating with a stage we can do around 350 comfortably depending on stage size. There are also two more breakout rooms available for meetings, storage, or green rooms.

Who do I use for Catering?

The answer is whoever you want to including yourself. We have a catering kitchen available for their or your use. It includes a refrigerator, freezer and coffee maker.

Do you have tables and chairs?

We have some available for use, but no round tables. All of our tables are banquet and pub type tables.

Where do I park?

There is a parking lot in the back of the building, accessible from the alley. From the parking lot enter the back entrance and take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor. Or you may park along Capitol Ave or Lafayette st. as there is plenty of street parking around the old prison.

Is it ADA accessible?

Yes! It is ADA accessible from both the front door and the parking lot via the elevator. Handicap parking is available next to the entrance in the back parking lot. We also have both Women's and Men's ADA bathrooms available.

Can I view the space?

Yes! Contact us at 573-635-9199 or fill out the form

Is there smoking in the facility?

No, there is no smoking or the use of Vapor devices allowed inside the building or within 10’ feet of the doors. There is smoking receptacles placed outside for your use.